Sheffield Physical Education, School Sport & Physical Activity (PESSPA) Alliance


Physical Education School Sport Physical Activity
1. Physical education, school sport and physical activity are an integral part of our school improvement culture.
2. Our PESSPA offer effectively engages all pupils and includes all identified groups. Pupil Voice is starting to inform the offer and personal challenge is an essential part of this.
7. Our school is committed to continually developing confidence and competence of teachers and wider school staff to enable them to deliver high quality physical education, school sport and physical activity.
8. Our children and young people have the opportunity to learn to lead through physical education, school sport and physical activity.
10. Our school uses physical activity to support the physical, social, emotional and mental health of our pupils and promotes an active healthy living environment.
3. Our school provides two hours of high quality timetabled Physical Education per pupil per week led by a qualified teacher within the curriculum with appropriate support. 9. All children in our school participate in competition.
11. Our school has a targeted approach to improving the level of physical activity experienced by all pupils.
12. All pupils have the opportunity to be physically active daily within the broader curriculum, including a variety of light, moderate & vigorously intensities.
13. Our school supports pupils to achieve at least 30 minutes daily physical activity outside of the school day.
4. Pupils receive enough time in the water to make progress towards meeting the National Curriculum standards. All pupils know and understand how to keep themselves safe in and near water.
5. Physical Education is led by a subject coordinator who is a qualified teacher and supported to engage with external partners to develop high quality physical education, school sport and to promote physical activity. 14. Our school provides a range of sporting opportunities as an extension of the curriculum.
6. Our children receive Physical Education lessons which are quality assured in line with the monitoring of other curriculum areas.