Our Vision

Learn Sheffield are currently reviewing our vision. This process will involve the team, board, members and stakeholders, and will be completed by January 2024 ahead of the AGM in February 2024. The existing vision, which has been in place since Learn Sheffield was inaugurated in 2015, is below.

Vision Word WheelOur children and young people have a growth mind-set and experience a high quality education delivered by a dynamic and collaborative community of education professionals.

Our education professionals are highly skilled, nurturing, continually developing and motivated to create inspiring learning opportunities throughout the schools and colleges of Sheffield.

Our schools and colleges are committed to working in partnership, focussed on the achievement of their children and young people and work closely with their families and communities.

Our familes and communities are cohesive, positive about learning and aspirational for their children and young people.

We believe in supporting each other in having the courage and confidence to make a difference and shape a better future, through inspiration, integrity, equality, sustainability, accountability and optimism.