Early Years

EYFS Statutory Assessment

There are two statutory assessment points in the EYFS.

EYFS Profile
The statutory EYFS framework requires the EYFS Profile assessment to be carried out in the final term of the year in which a child reaches age 5. Teachers are supported throughout the year to be able to make consistent accurate assessments in line with national standards through statutory training, local moderation cluster groups, statutory moderation visits and statutory quality assurance processes. The key documentation is accessible below.

Progress Check at Age Two
Increasing numbers of schools now have provision for two-year-olds, and may be involved in conducting the statutory ‘progress check at age two’. Even if the school does not have provision for two year olds, all schools with EYFS need to be aware of and may refer to this statutory assessment.

The key documentation for both statutory assessments is accessible below. The documents relating to EYFS Profile and statutory moderation will be updated for 2020 as soon as they are available: