Leadership Events

These half-termly briefings provide for Sheffield leaders with regular updates from keynote speakers on topics of interest as well as other opportunities for schools. If you know of anything that may be relevant for our next briefing, let us know.

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Leadership Events 2023/24

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Leader Briefings

A half-termly Leader Briefing will be distributed to subscribing school leaders in Sheffield. This will continue to take the form of an online Sway so that school leaders can access the information when it is convenient for them and share easily with colleagues.

We have changed the focus of Leader Briefings for 2023/24 and they will now focus on providing local updates, rather than national keynote inputs. This change is alongside the growth in the number of in-person leadership events. This year's programme is below, and will include inputs from local partners (for example Public Health), updates from local projects and initiatives, inputs from the Learn Sheffield team and some of our key partners, including Huntington Research School.

Term Planned Release Date Planned Content
Autumn 1 Monday 4 September
  • Sheffield Focus: Greg Fell- Director of Public Health’s Annual Report
  • LS Update: Stephen Betts- Making the most of your subscription
  • Huntington Research School Reminder: Metacognition
  • LSIP Feedback: Ofsted Updates
  • Project Updates: RSHE Update


Download Autumn 1 2023 Sway

Autumn 2 Monday 30 October
  • Sheffield Focus: Educating for the Future Pilot Update
  • Huntington Research School Reminder: Reading
  • LSIP Feedback: Leadership of Primary Writing
  • LS Update: Looking ahead to Autumn 2
  • Project Updates: Developing Healthy Attitudes
  • Eat Smart Sheffield Update


Download Autumn 2 2023 Sway

Spring 1 Monday 8 January
  • Sheffield Focus: Write a Book to Change the World
  • Huntington Research School Reminder: Oracy
  • LS Update: Spring Leadership Breakfast and Spring Term Update
  • LSIP Feedback: Leading Reading in Primary and Secondary Settings


Download Spring 1 2024 Sway

Spring 2 Monday 19 February
  • Sheffield Focus: SAFE Taskforce
  • Huntington Research School Reminder: Feedback
  • LSIP Feedback: Moderation of Primary Writing
  • LS Update: Looking ahead to Spring 2
  • Learn Sheffield Evaluation Report
  • Create Sheffield Update (including youth voice consultation)


Download Spring 2 2024 Sway

Summer 1 Monday 15 April
  • Sheffield Focus: AI Working Group Feedback
  • Huntington Research School Reminder: SEND/Adaptive Teaching
  • LS Update: Stephen Betts- Subscription 2024/25
  • LSIP Feedback: Leadership of Secondary Reading
  • Project Updates: Learning from the South Yorkshire Schools Climate Conference


Download Summer 1 2024 Sway

Summer 2 Monday 3 June
  • Sheffield Focus: Governance Recruitment Project Impact
  • Huntington Research School Reminder: Professional Development
  • LSIP Feedback: City Performance
  • LS Update: Looking ahead to Summer 2
  • Project Updates: SASGB Governance Pipeline Pilot


Download Summer 2 2024 Sway