Spring 1 Leadership Training: Admissions / Governance / Financial Benchmarking / Tribunals

Published: 30 December 2019
The latest leadership training includes Admissions & Appeals (14 Jan), Governance (22 Jan), Financial Benchmarking (29 Jan) and Tribunals & Legal Advice (4 Feb).

The Leadership Training Programme can be found on th eLearn Sheffield website https://www.learnsheffield.co.uk/Training-and-Events/Leadership-Training

This new programme has been added to the Learn Sheffield Subscription Offer for 2019/20. The sessions are aimed at new, aspiring and existing leaders. The training is designed to provide induction training for those who are new to school leadership or refresher training for more experienced colleagues.

The themes are co-designed with school leaders and focus on the practical aspects of leaders’ roles. The programme will grow through the year as additional sessions are identified and added. Subscribing schools will have unlimited access to the programme. For non-subscribing schools each session will be charged at £95 per person.


This half term the programme includes:

Admissions & Appeals (14 Jan) - book now

Governance (22 Jan) - book now

Financial Benchmarking (29 Jan) - book now

Tribunals & Legal Advice (4 Feb) - book now

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