Racial Equity Programme Online

Published: 4 November 2020
Learn Sheffield has identified racial equity as one of our education priorities for the city. The programme is fully funded and now bookable online. It is designed to offer Sheffield schools and academies support as they engage with the challenge of ensuring that their provision and curriculum promotes and develops racial equity.

The Racial Equity programme was shared in the Leader Briefing: Autumn 1 (October 2020) online newsletter which was shared just before the end of the Autumn first half term. This newsletter also included a video introduction from Dr Muna Abdi.

This programme is fully funded for Sheffield schools and academies and is summarised below.

Colleagues can book places at the conference and the subsequent supervision sessions via the website now - https://www.learnsheffield.co.uk/Training-and-Events/Racial-Equity.  

o   Racial Equity – Conference, Consultancy & Research Project - working with Dr Muna Abdi (MA Education Consultancy) and Dr Ben Blaisdell (East Carolina University) to deliver a virtual conference about ‘Implicit Bias and Racial Awareness’ in January 2021

o   Racial Equity – Research Project - also working with Muna and Ben to explore the impact of equity coaching sessions for school leaders as part of a research project with three schools.

o   Spring Leader Roundtable - joined by Pran Patel to explore 'What is an anti-racist school?'

o   Curriculum Development - the new Learn Sheffield curriculum team will work with Pran, Muna and others to consider how to support primary schools and academies to develop their curriculum offer.

o   ‘Black History Month and Beyond’ Resources - working with Opus to develop both written and video content for Sheffield secondary schools and academies to use.