Public Health School Leader Briefing Announced

Published: 12 October 2020
Greg Fell (Director of Public Health) and Bethan Plant will be doing a third School Leader Briefing of the year. It will take place on the first day back after half term on Monday 2 November (1-2pm). The link for the online session has been emailed out to school leaders today.

During the COVID Recovery Festival we received two updates from our colleagues at Sheffield Public Health - Greg Fell (Director of Public Health) and Bethan Plant (Public Health Consultant).

These sessions were highly valued by school leaders and we have had several requests to organise further sessions.

We are delighted that Greg and Bethan will join us again straight after the half term holiday to update school leaders.

The details for this session have been emailed out to schools.

As previously, we will record the session and make it available to Sheffield school leaders so that they can view the session even if they couldn’t make the session live.

We will provide more details about this closer to the time (by email) to ensure that any Sheffield school or academy who wishes to access the recording can do so.