Learn Sheffield on the Move

Published: 26 June 2020
Learn Sheffield is in the process of finalising terms to move to Albion House on Savile Street when we leave our current Newfield Hub this summer. The Hub will become a post-16 base for Talbot and Seven Hills special schools.

Learn Sheffield have been hunting for a new home during the pandemic having made a commitment to vacate our current accommodation earlier in the year.

We made the commitment to move in order to support an expansion of special school places in Sheffield from September. Talbot and Seven Hills will take over our existing building to create 50 new places and use the building as a Post-16 base as part of a programme of expansion from Sheffield City Council.

Our search appears to be over as we are close to agreeing terms to move in to Albion House on Savile Street, which is just beyond the Wicker in central Sheffield. It is a prominent Victorian building orginally built by Thomas Ward to provide headquarters for his scrap metal and shipbreaking business and we will move into a suite on the second floor after it has been refurbished.

The new base will include training and meeting rooms along with office space for the Learn Sheffield team and some of our partners. There is car parking at the rear of the building and we are in the process of making arrangements for visitors which we will update about once we have moved in.    

"We are excited by what we can create at Albion House and the opportunity to immediately take advantage of everything we have learned from working remotely during lockdown. In one sense it was a difficult decision to leave our current base, especially as it was Learn Sheffield's first home, but in another it was a very straight forward choice to make. We had the opportunity to support the creation of fifty new and much needed special school places - that has to be worth the inconvenience of moving!" - Stephen Betts (Learn Sheffield CEO)