Learn Sheffield Subscription 2020/21 Launched

Published: 29 June 2020
The 2020/21 Learn Sheffield Subscription offer has been launched. Eligible schools and colleges have until the end of term (extended due to the COVID-19 situation) to confirm their subscription for next year.

Learn Sheffield has launched the 2020/21 subscription offer.

This can also be found on our website alongside a short presentation introducing the new offer – www.learnsheffield.co.uk/Education-Services/Learn-Sheffield-Subscription.    

The normal deadline for opting out of the subscription next year (which was the 31 May) has already passed.  We will extend this until Friday 17 July 2020 so that schools and academies have until the end of term to let us know (by email) if they do not wish to subscribe next year.

To confirm subscription for next year, schools and academies need to click on the link below and compete the short form. This will enable coleagues to confirm their subscription, tell us if you want they wish to plan alongside partner schools and collect their eligibility information.    

2020/21 Subscription Sign Up - https://bit.ly/3i9ASnW