Governance Conference: Turning challenges into gifts - developing a values-focused school

Published: 8 May 2024
The annual Learn Sheffield Governance Conference will take place on Saturday 15th June from 10am -12:30pm. The theme for the conference is Turning challenges into gifts - developing a values-focused school with keynotes from Jackie Beere and Julie Rees


How to turn challenges into gifts and opportunities

We live in challenging times, but we know that happy schools are full of optimistic teachers and school leaders who work miracles with minimal resources and bags of love.

How can we ensure that when times get tough, we can see past our survival instincts which create fear and turn these challenges into gifts that make us stronger? This keynote will introduce you to some cognitive science that offers strategies to meet challenges and embed that habit of optimism which supports mental health and fitness for the whole school community.


Jackie Beere and Julie Rees will cover the following topics, with opportunity for discussion, questions and reflection.

·         Understanding how our mood and mindset work to create resilience or vulnerability.

·         The 3 thinking pillars that work together to create success WITH happiness.

·         Meet your saboteurs. How knowing them helps us manage our thinking and our communication with others.

·         Building the powers that keep us mentally fit by creating the optimism habit as a neural pathway.

·         Using a coaching conversation framework to improve communication and positive outcomes.

·         What can governors do to support mental fitness in school?

·         Developing a values-focused school


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