Future First Two-Year Primary Project

Published: 1 October 2019
Future First have a heavily subsidised offer to primary schools (of which they have ring-fenced some places for Sheffield schools) to participate in a two-year project to build and engage their community of former pupils. This community of alumni provide current pupils with access to relatable role models. The project also invites schools to participate in a research project.


Future First would like to offer up to 20 primary schools the opportunity to participate in a heavily subsidised two-year project to build and engage their community of former pupils. This community of alumni can open up new worlds of possibility for current pupils, giving them access to relatable role models.


Relatable role models broaden pupils’ horizons, raise their aspirations and help them to fulfil their potential. Using former pupils as role models is a simple yet effective idea that really works. They bring many benefits as: support in the curriculum, encounters with the world of work, mentors, volunteers, governors, fundraisers and more.


Taking place from September 2019, schools will be provided Future First’s ‘Embed’ membership in year 1 and ‘Develop’ membership in year 2 for a single contribution of £900 plus vat. The details of these memberships are listed below.


As a further part of the project, all schools will take part in a research study exploring the impact of relatable role models in primary schools. Nominated school staff will also be invited to regional knowledge sharing events and training to become expert practitioners in alumni and relatable role model engagement.



Year 1: Embed Membership (£3,000 excluding vat per annum)


  • Access to our secure online Portal to manage your alumni data and communicate with your community. 
  • Your own programme officer who will support you to build and engage your community of former pupils. They will offer advice and practical help to embed your alumni community into school life. 
  • Access to our digital toolkit with step-by-step guidance, templates and resources for ensuring your community of alumni is a success. 
  • Two Future First-led events for 30 key stage 2 pupils supported by volunteers from your community of alumni.
  • Support from our press officer to help you spread the word about your community and its successes.
  • Two inspirational alumni posters to showcase the future pathways of your former pupils and inspire current pupils as they walk through the corridors. 


Year 2: Develop Membership (£2,000 excluding vat per annum)


  • Everything included in the above ‘Embed’ membership without the Future First-led workshops for 30 Key stage 2 pupils. 
020 7239 8933 / info@futurefirst.org.uk / www.futurefirst.org.uk Future First is the public name for Future First Alumni Limited, a registered UK charity, number 1135638 


Who’s eligible to apply?


To apply, schools must meet the following criteria:


  • Can provide a named school contact, available to attend a set up meeting, regional knowledge sharing events and training, and respond to ongoing communications about the project.
  • Can provide an SLT champion to have strategic oversight of the project.
  • Can identify a group of up to 30 key stage 2 pupils who would benefit most from meeting relatable role models during two 2-hour workshops.
  • Consent to provide anonymised pupil data for the purpose of better understanding the impact of relatable role models.
  • Consent to provide data in the form of written questionnaires from staff.
  • Consent to the school’s name appearing in both promotional press about the project and any resulting research reports. 



Application & deadline


To express your interest in becoming part of this project please complete this online application form. For any questions about the project or support with the application from, please contact Alexandra Kiami, on alexandra.kiami@futurefirst.org.uk.




Please note that Future First will be looking to book a meeting with interested schools by Monday 14th October at the latest. Therefore, please register interest as soon as possible if you would like to take part. 

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