DfE Update Brexit Advice

Published: 2 September 2019
The DfE has updated (19th August 2019) the Advice for schools on how to prepare for Brexit. The advice also includes a link to sign up for future email updates.


The DfE updated the Advice for schools on how to prepare for Brexit on 19th August 2019.

The updated information can be found here - https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/eu-exit-no-deal-preparations-for-schools-in-england/eu-exit-no-deal-preparations-for-schools-in-england


The page states that the UK will leave the EU on 31 October and will be updated if anything changes, including if a deal is agreed.


This advice includes the contents listed below and also a link to sign up for email alerts to get the latest information - https://www.gov.uk/email-signup?topic=%2Fbrexit





  1. Stay up to date
  2. The EU Settlement Scheme
  3. Staff from the EU arriving after Brexit
  4. School places after Brexit
  5. Prepare as an employer
  6. European teaching qualifications
  7. Checking for EEA teacher sanctions or restrictions
  8. Travel to the EU
  9. Data protection
  10. Food supplies
  11. Medical supplies
  12. Erasmus+