COVID Recovery Festival Online Newsletter

Published: 28 August 2020
An online newsletter about the COVID Recovery Festival has been created to support schools who are sharing details of the festival with colleagues in their schools.

Learn Sheffield have designed a festival to promote professional dialogue and discussion about moving forward with COVID in a way that is accessible for school leaders and teachers at the start of term. The COVID Recovery Festival: Catching Up & Cracking On will also be used to inform local planning for 2020/21 and beyond.


More information about the festival can be found on the festival website and we have today also published an online festival newsletter that can be shared with colleagues.


If you have indicated in your subscription meeting that you would like to access the festival you will receive your login details early next week. If you haven’t yet had your subscription meeting but would like to access the festival then please email so that this can be actioned as soon as possible. The costs are in the email below or on the website.