Beat the Street - Sheffield Schools Invited to Join!

Published: 22 March 2021
Find out more about how your school can get involved with Beat the Street, a fun and free walking and cycling game which gets staff, pupils and their families out and about in their local area with the aim of boosting children's physical and mental health post-lockdown.

Welcome to Beat the Street in Sheffield!

Beat the Street is a fun, free walking and cycling game which gets staff, pupils and their families out and about in the local area, having fun and keeping healthy. The Sheffield game is due to start on 16th June and will run until 28th July. 

Let’s boost children’s physical and mental health post-lockdown 

Developed by a team of doctors and physical health experts led by Dr William Bird MBE, a GP working on the NHS frontline against COVID-19, Beat the Street is the perfect way to get your pupils and their families moving safely after lockdown. Physical activity is proven to boost physical and mental health and immunity, which helps the body resist bacteria and viruses including COVID-19. With access to PE facilities in schools being a challenge, why not take your class for a Beat the Street walk – and learn about the local area at the same time – during PE lessons? 

It is COVID-19 Safe - Played outdoors in household groups, as individuals and in class bubbles, Beat the Street is the perfect way to exercise safely during the pandemic. Our contactless Beat Boxes mean that players can collect points without touching surfaces. Clear, upbeat messaging reminds players to maintain social distancing and practice regular handwashing.  


Win amazing prizes for your school 

Beat the Street is a fantastic opportunity to bring your school together, and get staff, pupils and their families involved – and there will be hundreds of pounds worth of prizes and the chance to see which school can climb to the top of the leaderboard and be crowned winner of the competition.   


To find out more about how Beat the Street works please view our short video below:  

Beat the Street how to play  


Beat the Street is designed to get children and communities moving

Beat the Street is designed to inspire people to make small changes, such as walking or cycling to school every day, to improve health and help embed physical activity into everyday life. So far over 1.3 million people have taken part in Beat the Street games across the UK, Ireland, and beyond. Participation in Beat the Street not only supports children’s physical activity, but may also:  


  • Provide evidence which can be used in the Wellbeing aspect of OFSTED school inspections 
  • Act alongside, or as a support to, the Daily Mile/Daily Boost programme.   
  • Help the school and its pupils achieve the Department of Health’s physical activity target of 60 minutes per day for young people.  
  • Reduce traffic and air pollution around the school.  


How does it work?   

 ‘Beat Boxes’ will be positioned around Sheffield including one outside your school. We know that during the Covid pandemic, many schools are changing the way pupils, staff and parents enter the site and / or gather near entrances and may be completing risk assessments around this. Please get in touch with us on if you need any help or would like to discuss the location of the Beat Box nearest your school.  


Players receive a card or fob which they hover next to the contactless Beat Boxes as they walk, cycle, run, roll or scoot around the area, earning points for themselves and their team. There will also be letters that can be handed out to teachers which explains more about the game as well as exactly what is in the boxes. Players can view their progress online at The website also contains the latest COVID-19 safety guidance.  


There will be prizes for winning schools and teams, as well as plenty of lucky spot prizes, which could be won by any registered player taking part in the game.   


What will taking part mean for your school?

We will be providing your school with all the materials you will need to play the game including fobs for all pupils, and cards for parents/staff and maps detailing where boxes can be found. Teacher letters will also be included, which provide further information. We will safely deliver these materials to your school prior to the project starting in June.   


We would love schools across the city to commit to being a part of this by nominated a Beat the Street Coordinator across school and pledging to take part in the game here:

We will then ensure that all correspondence comes via the Schools Engagement Coordinator to this person and will be in touch regarding promotion, assemblies in school (virtual and/ or face to face) and themed weeks etc. for the duration of the event.

We are really excited for this programme across the city and hope that your school, staff, pupils and families can engage in this brilliant opportunity around your community this summer. 


If there are any questions or queries regarding the Sheffield Beat the Street programme for your school then please email