3 Sessions Added To COVID Recovery Festival

Published: 9 September 2020
Three additional sessions have been added to the festival programme. Two sessions will address ed-tech issues and the challenges of remote learning. The third session will explore the issues around educational visits.

Three new sessions are being added to the festival programme:


  • Beyond Lockdown: How do we build on what we learnt?    

        Wednesday 23rd September at 4pm

  • Contingency Planning: How do we deal with further disruption this year? 

        Thursday 24th September at 4pm


Paul Haigh (EdTech Demonstrator School) & John Coats / Alastair Gittner (Associate Research School) will deliver two sessions to kick start our work as a city to build on and develop our approaches to remote learning. The attached flyer from EdTechSheff has more.


  • Building Confidence for Educational Visits    

         Thursday 24th September at 10:00am


Martin Clist is Sheffield Council's Outdoor Education Advisor and an instructor at Thornbridge Outdoors. He is a member of the Outdoor Education Advisors' Panel and he will discuss the value of outdoor experiences and balancing, the context for risk assessment and having the confidence to embed outdoor learning.  



Everything you need to access the festival can be found on the COVID Recovery Festival website, including links to access live sessions, recording of completed sessions and any session materials and presentations. You will need to log in to access everything that is available and if you want to access the festival but haven’t requested/received your login yet then please contact stephen.betts@learnsheffield.co.uk asap.