2022/23 Learn Sheffield Subscription Available

Published: 27 May 2022
The information about next year's subscription has been published and shared with settings. The 2022/23 Learn Sheffield subscription contains more packages than previously alongside a more detailed menu of options. This makes the new subscription easier to tailor to the needs of each school, academy or college.

The 2022/23 Subscription can be accessed here: https://learnsheffield.co.uk/Subscription/Subscription-Offer 

The booklet contains information about the subscription offer to Sheffield settings in 2022/23.  It can also be found online, supplemented by recorded updates from our CEO Stephen Betts.

The offer has evolved for next year, with a wider range of packages available as well as a more detailed menu of options.  This will enable colleagues to tailor the subscription to meet the needs of their setting.

Following the withdrawal of the DfE School Improvement Grant, and the decision of Schools’ Forum to de-delegate funding to replace it, there will be modifications to the Sheffield City Council (SCC) School Improvement Commission in 2022/23.  This is separate from this subscription but will be shared shortly so that colleagues can make decisions with a full understanding of the support that is likely to be available.

Similarly, the challenging funding position of SCC is likely to mean that there will not be new Funded Programmes or additional cohorts for existing programmes in 2022/23.  Learn Sheffield is working with partners to adapt programmes so that Sheffield colleagues have the option of using their subscription to access Priority Programmes next year (see pages 12-13).

Key Information

·       The 2022-2023 subscription covers the second year of the existing contract.

·       Settings continue to have an annual ‘opt-out’ (by informing Learn Sheffield before 31 May) in their subscription contract and so have the ability to leave between years.

·       The packages and pricing options for the subscription are outlined on the next page (p3).  There are more packages available and each contains more than it did last year.

·       The subscription map (p4-5) contains an overview of the menu of options for schools’ to use their day credits. Further detail about the offer options follow on the subsequent pages (p6-11).

·       Deployments conversations with schools will take place across the summer term and can be booked immediately.


·       Contact stephen.betts@learnsheffield.co.uk if you have any questions or would like to discuss the subscription offer.