Refugee Week School Activities

Published: 19 April 2021
Reading lists and ideas for Refugee Week.

A project led by Katy Pugh, and coordinated by partner organisations including Migration Matters, City of Sanctuary Sheffield and Cohesion Sheffield, has given Sheffield school children the opportunity to make connections and understand why people leave their homes and families. For the last three years, Hunters Bar School has welcomed asylum seekers and refugees into their classrooms to talk about their home countries, their journeys to the UK and how they have settled in Sheffield. You can read more about this project here.

This year Refugee Week takes place between 14 and 20 June. It gives children a chance to learn about what is happening globally, how we can support refugees and how we welcome people into our schools and communities. Refugee organisations in Sheffield are teaming up to offer a selection of events to primary and secondary schools. This will include storytelling, theatre events, information about careers in the refugee sector and access to documentaries.


What you can do now?

- Allocate some time during the week for discussion around refugees.

- Talk to your library about what books you have which talk about refugees and migration. A suggested reading list can be found here.

- Look at these resources:

- Keep looking out for further details here and at: (please note that Migration Matters in person dates will be 9th-17th July when there will be more events)



For further information please contact Katy Pugh -




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