Festival News: reflections on the session about school swimming

Published: 8 September 2020
Daina Heaton (Learn Sheffield) reflects on the session from Emma Banks about school swimming.
  • Daina Heaton (Learn Sheffield Project Officer):

Emma Banks leads the PESOL Service in Sheffield City Coucnil and is repsonsbile for the development of school swimming.

In this session Emma speedily went through the presentation (which will be available alongisde the recording of the session on the website from tomorrow) and showed the participants the Sheffield School Swimming COVID-10 guidance website (https://www.sheffieldschoolswimming.co.uk/covid19/) which looks like a fantastic resource.

It includes guidance, a parent letter, school teachers checklist, swimming teachers checklist, posters, and even walk-through videos for (nearly) all swimming pools. Pretty impressive!


In the question and answer part of the session there were questions a range of topics including about pupils catching up on lessons missed and about payment for the lessons.


A great session to kick off the first full weekof the festival!


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