Festival News: reflections on the SEND Leadership session

Published: 11 September 2020
Peter Heaton (Learn Sheffield) reflects on the session from David Bartram about the Leadership of SEND in times of challenge.
  • Peter Heaton (Learn Sheffield Improvement Partner):

A big thank you to David Bartram for his truly knowledgeable and insightful session on the leadership of SEND in times of challenge. 

The session offered leaders a wide range of practical advice in supporting some of our most vulnerable pupils in these challenging times.

David unpicked 4 key themes including: evaluating (taking stock of where we are), prioritising (strategic actions with long term outcomes), committing to evidence and collaborating. David’s experience of carrying out a high number of SEND reviews (in Sheffield and further afield) meant that he could share lots of great inclusive education where SEND outcomes have risen.

David acknowledged how difficult it is to prioritise things in times of difficulty. Effective schools keep things simple and do things these things well.

David signposted attendees to a wide range of resources and links, including the COVID SEND Review, the SENCo Deployment Guide and a Guide and Closing the Opportunity Gap for Learners with SEND Beyond the Pandemic.

A great session – thank you David!

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