Festival News: reflections on the Healthy Minds session

Published: 8 September 2020
Stephen Betts and Fiona Gowers (both Learn Sheffield) reflect on the Healthy Minds: top tips for schools session from Zoe Brownlie.
  • Stephen Betts (Learn Sheffield CEO):

It was great to listen to the recording of this session from Zoe - who is always worth listening to! 

The Healthy Minds team have been working with Sheffield schools for a number of years and have produced resources throughout the COVID pandemic - they can be found here... https://www.learnsheffield.co.uk/Covid-19 ... in the Emotional Health and Wellbeing section.

Zoes's session included some interesting insights into the impact of COVID, including survey results carried out out during lockdown. This included the main concerns that arose and were reflected and their impacts on children and young people.

The review of the key components of emotional wellbeing provides colleagues with a really useful insight to support all of our thinking about how our provision can enhance the emotional wellbeing of our pupils. Zoe's ability to link together the evidence, theory and practical reality on the ground provides a number of sections in the presentation that will be a useful watch for both school leaders, teachers and school support staff.

She makes the crucial link between staff wellbeing and our ability to support children and young people, including the foundations of a cal and safe environment - which are key to the development of a healthy culture in our schools and acadmeies.

Essential viewing!


  • Fiona Gowers (Learn Sheffield Improvement Partner):

Healthy Minds: Top Tips for Schools

Zoe Brownlie, clinical psychologist and Healthy Minds Lead, shared a wealth of ideas and insight, to help support the emotional wellbeing of pupils and staff following the full opening of schools this term.  

A video of the session will be available on the Learn Sheffield website, as well as a range of very helpful related resources – linked to ‘Mental Health and Wellbeing’ and the ‘Healthy Minds Project’ (under partnership). 

Zoe has asked schools to contact her directly if they have any ideas for additional training/resources, they would find helpful. Zoe and her colleagues will be leading a further session on Friday 25 September 2020 (10.00-11.30) – Healthy Minds: Sharing school practice.  


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