Festival News: Looking ahead to the final week of the COVID Recovery Festival

Published: 28 September 2020
There are some changes to the final week of the COVID Recovery Festival. It now includes a session reflecting on how to approach CPD but the session about meeting SEND needs has been delayed and will now be part of the recovery plan. Other highlights include returns for Sir David Carter and Director of Public Health, Greg Fell.

The sessions for the final week of the COVID Recovery Festival are below. There are some late changes and additions - including a session about CPD from David Weston (Chief Executive of the Teacher Development Trust) and colleagues.

Links to access the sessions below are available from the programme page on the website when you have logged in. The sessions with Emma Knights (National Governance Association today) and Greg Fell / Bethan Plant (Sheffield Public Health on Wednesday) include their links below so that any Sheffield school can access them.  

o   Governance in COVID times and beyond

– Emma Knights OBE (Monday 28 September at 12:00am)

Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84570879136?pwd=OVphSzRvaXJDNllrVmZkWkQxU2NVZz09
(Meeting ID: 845 7087 9136 / Passcode: 098141)

o   COVID-19 recovery and the Maths curriculum

- Rachel Hall (this session is pre-recorded and so there isn’t a live session)

o   Looking forwards: COVID recovery planning

- Sir David Carter & Stephen Betts (Tuesday 29 September at 10:00am)

o   CPD and COVID: adapting professional development flexibly in the current climate

– David Weston & Michael Watson (Tuesday 29 September at 2:00pm)

o   Public Health update

- Greg Fell & Bethan Plant  (Wednesday 30 September at 10:00am)

Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83738647674?pwd=amZLbXlxckFyczJJTDRDcnBDVFYwdz09
(Meeting ID: 837 3864 7674 / Passcode: 586148)


The session on Tuesday with Sir David Carter was originally planned to be a panel session but has been converted into a conversation about the emerging themes from the festival. This will feed in to the city recovery planning.  

We had also planned a session on Wednesday called ‘Meeting SEND needs in COVID safe schools’. This has had to be cancelled for reasons beyond everyone’s control but will feature in the city plan and be expanded into training for Sheffield school leaders.

The recordings of previous sessions are available on the COVID Recovery Festival website which also includes reflections on the sessions that have taken place.

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