Festival News- Decolonising the Curriculum: What Comes Next?

Published: 15 December 2021
The final session of Pran Patel's Decolonising the Curriculum is now available to watch, and includes special guests.

Pran Patel’s final session on Decolonising the Curriculum took place on the 14th December, entitled ‘What Comes Next?’  the session summarised the past seven weeks while promoting further conversation on topics such as HR.

This session featured special guests Headteacher at Malin Bridge, Robbie Mcgrath and Alison Kriel, an experienced Headteacher with a passion for staff and student well-being, who discussed what they are doing in their schools or how they work with leadership to work towards decolonising the curriculum.

If you would like to watch this session or any of the other sessions in this series, you can log into your Learn Sheffield portal and watch when you are ready.

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