2018/19 Research Led Sheffield Programme

Published: 26 October 2018
Learn Sheffield moves into its second year of partnership with Huntington Research School as part of the 'Research Led Sheffield' strategy. The 2018/19 programme has been announced and includes a new programme of twilight information sessions.

This is the second year of the Research Led Sheffield Programme which is a collaboration between Learn Sheffield and Huntington Research School. The programme includes a training offer, a programme of ‘twilight’ information sessions, contributions to our briefings for school leaders and a half termly newsletter.

This builds on the programme in 2017/18 and will include Sheffield colleagues (from the first year programme) involved in the delivery of this year’s programme.

Training Offer:

  • 3-day Metacognition & Self-Regulation course
  • 3-day Leading Learning course (evidence base focus on disadvantaged learners)
  • 3-day Leading Learning course (evidence base focus on memory and KS2-3 Literacy)
  • 1-day Memory for Study Skills

Twilight Information Sessions:

  • Metacognition & Self-Regulation
  • Investigating the evidence for effective CPD
  • Science Guidance Report
  • Effective Implementation
  • Effective use of Digital Technologies
  • Parental Engagement Guidance Report
  • Early Years Numeracy & Literacy
  • School Culture & Disadvantaged Learners
  • Literacy at the Transition Guidance Report

To find out more about the programme content and book places - visit the Research Led Sheffield webpage.

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