COVID Recovery Festival Audience Passes 1000

Published: 11 October 2020
The total audience for the COVID Recovery Festival has now passed 1000 with the combination of the live audience and the the number of recorded views.

The audience for the COVID Recovery Festival continues to grow as colleagues access the session recordings and share them within their school communities.

The live audience for the 21 sessions which were live online topped 400 and was estimated to be approximately 425. The sessions did not include a sign in facility and so the number has been estimated by the faciliaitors of each session.

By Friday 9 October the audience for the 24 recorded sessions (three sessions were only shared as recordings) had reached 583 views on YouTube - taking the combined audience over 1000 for the first time. This is expected to grow and the sessions will remain availabel for colleagues to use.

The most popular sessions so far have been the governance session (combined audience of more than 150), the public health sessions (approximately 130 for the first session and 90 for the second), the session by Jenny Mosley (75+), the two Healthy Minds sessions (80 in total) & the leadership session with Sir David Carter (50+). Many of the later sessions in particular are continuing to increase in number as colleagues catch up with content that they missed!