Inclusion Task Force

Inclusion Task Force


Admissions Guidance and Good Practice
Alternatives to a reduced timetable Appendix 1
Guidance for Inclusion staff on Reduced Timetables
Reduced Timetable Contract Appendix 2
Sheffield Support Grid Exemplification
Flowchart - SEN support
Flowchart - SSG
Flowchart - MyPlan
Flowchart - Preparing for adulthood
Flowchart - ECH Plan annual reviews
Flowchart - EHC Assessment

Animation - SEN support, a Graduated Approach
Animation - MyPlans
Animation – EHC Plans

Pathways to Council and Health SEND services
Education Health and Care Plans - statutory processes
Annual Review template Autumn 2018 - guidance notes
Annual Review template Autumn 2018
Sheffield EHC Plan Template (Sample) - Autumn 2018

EHC1c form
EHC1e form
EHC1h form
EHC1p form

Making it Happen training
Outcomes and Steps towards
Learner Profile template.docx
My Plan template guidance notes.pdf
My Plan template.docx

SEND Support Plan template.docx
Sheffield Support Grid Exemplification Levelling and Guidance
Sheffield Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) Support Grid - Early Years
Sheffield Grid Post 16 - August 2017
SEND Code of Practice - January 2015
Using the Early Years Sheffield Support Grid