Leaders' Briefings & Public Service Forum

The programme below includes three termly briefings for school leaders in 2019/20 (having been half-termly in 2018/19). This programme is included within the Learn Sheffield subscription and subscribing schools can book two tickets at any of the events below at no additional cost. For non-subscribing schools each session will be charged at £95 per person unless otherwise stated.

The new-look briefings are now running twice on the same day to maximise opportunities to attend and are accompanied by the new Public Service Forum. The forum provides an opportunity to share information from other public service partners with schools leaders and provide a forum for discussion.

Leaders' Briefings & Public Service Forum 2019-20 Leaders' Briefings 2018-19

Leaders' Briefings & Public Service Forum 2019-20

Public Service Forum (Autumn)

Wednesday 27th November
Venue Learn Sheffield, Lees Hall Road, Sheffield, S8 9JP
8.30-10.30am Networking and Refreshments
8.30-8.30am Briefing - AM Session
  • Keynote - ‘Improving Behaviour in Schools’ (EEF Guidance Report)
    Jane Elsworth (Huntington Research School) & Igraine Rhodes (EEF)
  • Learn Sheffield Inclusion Team- SEND Priorities 2019/20
  • PESSPA Primary Toolkit (PE School Sport & Physical Activity)
  • Eat Smart Sheffield
  • Learn Sheffield Update- Stephen Betts
Briefing Morning Session
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10.30-11.00am Networking and Refreshments
11.00-1.00pm Public Service Forum

Hosted by Carly Speechley (Director for Social Care), Mel Palin (Superintendent - South Yorkshire Police) and Stephen Betts (Learn Sheffield)

  • Education Learning from Senior Case Reviews
  • Public Service Updates

We will examine two SCRs in detail to explore what we can learn about meeting the needs of our most vulnerable young people.

Public Service Forum
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1.00-1.30pm Networking and Refreshments
1.30-3.30am Briefing- PM Session
A repeat of the morning session.
Briefing Afternoon Session
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