Funded Programmes


Download the Sheffield Programmes amd Opportunities 2020/21 booklet.

The individual programmes are also below:

  • Making the Difference – a partnership with the EEF focused on overcoming disadvantage.
  • SEND Peer Networks – a partnership with Whole Education focused on SEND school improvement.
  • Embedding Formative Assessment – a partnership with SSAT focused on improving outcomes through the development of teaching.
  • Sheffield CPD Excellence Hub – a partnership with the Teacher Development Trust focused on improvement through evidence-based professional learning.
  • Improving PE Project - a collaboration with the Sheffield PESSPA Alliance following a successful DfE bid with Mercia TSA which includes three offers of funded support for primary schools to improve teaching and support co-ordinators.

The booklet contains funded programmes for Sheffield schools and academies from Learn Sheffield, Sheffield City Council and a range of local and national partners. The ‘Sheffield Programmes & Opportunities 2020/21’ booklet has been designed to enable school leaders to compare and contrast these opportunities side by side.

These programmes are funded for Sheffield schools and academies (either fully funded or significantly subsidised) and it is a requirement of these programmes that the school or academy makes the project they are engaging with their main focus (i.e. they couldn’t do two of them).

If you would like more information about the programmes then please contact the programme leads or