Workforce Priority





What do we want to achieve? How will we know if we have been successful?
A great teacher in every classroom.
  • System collaboration and clear/high quality routes into teaching supports successful teacher training.
  • Available data demonstrate high quality of teaching.
  • Staff data show sustainable pipeline of teachers, especially for schools in challenging circumstances.
High quality leaders for every Sheffield school.
  • School performance outcomes improving.
  • Retention, progression and vacancy data show sustainable pipeline of leaders, especially for schools in challenging circumstances.
Sheffield schools have the right expertise to support learning.
  • Targeted and research-led professional development ensures that schools have access to education professionals with skills to enhance learning.
  • Improved staff vacancy and performance data in schools identified as vulnerable.
  • School and pupil performance outcomes improving, especially for schools in challenging circumstances.
A positive, supported, informed, reflective and sustainable workforce.
  • Staff absence, retention, progression and vacancy data demonstrate sustainability of high quality staff whose diversity reflects the communities that they serve.
  • CPD Standards audit and staff survey data show high quality of professional development.
  • Engagement with CPD is high and sustained leading to improved pupil and school outcomes.
All Sheffield professionals are accessing high quality professional development.
Sheffield schools have governance with the appropriate skills and knowledge.
  • High quality governance promotes school improvement and leads to improved school and pupil outcomes.

Action Plan

Strategy by July 2017 by December 2017
Wellbeing & Development Advisory Group
  • Advisory Group established (ensuring partnership/stakeholder representation and open application routes are available).
  • Advisory Group brief and terms of reference agreed.
  • Wellbeing & Development Advisory Group action plan developed and shared (October).
  • Wellbeing & Development Advisory Group Update (December).
Subject Networks
  • Spring & Summer Term rounds of networks to be promoted and held (March & June).
  • Evaluation of networks and planning for 2017/18 (July).
  • 2017/18 Professional Subject Specific Networks running each term within a wider development offer (see below).
Learn Sheffield Development Programme
  • Learn Sheffield Development Programme planned (delivered in partnership with TSAs, universities & other partners) with reference to the Sheffield Priorities.
  • Learn Sheffield Development Programme under way (from September onwards).
  • Review of programme content ongoing to identify gaps/needs.
Teach Sheffield
  • On-going support for ‘Partnerships for Attainment – a Sheffield City Region Initiative’.
  • On-going support for ‘Partnerships for Attainment – a Sheffield City Region Initiative’.
  • Review of Teach Sheffield strategy to identify next steps.
Governance Improvement Action Plan
  • Governance Conference (March).
  • Governance Training (2016/17) reviewed and (2017/18) new offer launched (May).
  • Governance Improvement action plan published.
  • Governance Training Offer (Sept 2017 to July 2018) delivery begun.
  • Governance Improvement action plan reviewed (November).
Sheffield CPD Portal
  • Learn Sheffield and Teaching School Group to make final decision on viability of platform options.
  • Learn Sheffield and Teaching School Group to work with identified partner to launch the portal (subject to agreement).


Wellbeing & Development Advisory Group Subject Networks Learn Sheffield Development Programme Teach Sheffield Governance Improvement Action Plan Sheffield CPD Portal

Wellbeing & Development Advisory Group

April 2017

Informal discussions have taken place with stakeholders and potential contributors. Links have been made to link this work into the national policy context (CPD Standards, Teaching Assistant Standards & Research Schools).

Subject Networks

April 2017

Learn Sheffield has funded Subject Networks, which are being delivered by a range of partners (including the Teaching School Alliance Group). There will be one round of networks each term during the current and next school year.

Learn Sheffield Development Programme

April 2017

Learn Sheffield is working with sector partnerships and strategic partners to develop a development programme of CPD opportunities and conferences. This programme will include the networks and briefings that started in 2015/16.

Teach Sheffield

April 2017

Sheffield Hallam University have been developing ‘Partnerships for Attainment – a Sheffield City Region Initiative’ focused initially on Initial Teacher Training. Learn Sheffield, along with other partners, have been supporting this work.

Governance Improvement Action Plan

April 2017

Learn Sheffield has delivered Governance training, delivered in partnership with teaching schools and both universities, since Sept 2016. A workshop on the Priorities Day developed a Governance Improvement action plan.

Sheffield CPD Portal

April 2017

Learn Sheffield and the Teaching School Group have been researching the possibility of jointly funding a platform, accessed through the Learn Sheffield website, to enable colleagues to search, research and book CPD from a single website.