System Culture Priority


System Culture



What do we want to achieve? How will we know if we have been successful?
Sheffield’s education community is honest, constructive, positive and always looking to promote and celebrate Sheffield.
  • Analysis of partnership outcomes shows high engagement and increasing depth to strategic collaboration.
  • Improved profile and perception of Sheffield – within the city and from outside.
Sheffield is outward looking and influences policy-making at every level of the education system.
  • Learn Sheffield has a co-ordinating role within the city and provides a coherent voice for Sheffield education.
  • Sheffield’s work with other organisations regionally and nationally leads to positive outcomes.
Sheffield’s education culture enables all learning institutions to be self-improving, inclusive and sustainable.
  • Every school to make a contribution to school improvement.
  • All schools are reflective, solution focused and always improving.
  • Teaching and learning are prioritised over intervention and the focus is always on pupil need.
Enquiry-based curiosity drives the strategic direction of schools and the city.
  • Sheffield schools are leading and participating in research-based activity.
  • Sheffield is at the forefront of research-led professional development.
  • The city is well represented on expert groups.
  • The strategic planning of Sheffield schools reflects both current priorities and future challenges.

Action Plan

Strategy by July 2017 by December 2017
‘Research Led Sheffield’ project
  • Development programme for developing ‘Research Leads’ and ‘Teaching and Learning Leads’ planned and recruited to.
  • Professional learning programmes that involve Learn Sheffield will be planned to include research opportunities.
  • Learners without Labels project to include research opportunities.
  • Development programme for developing ‘Research Leads’ and ‘Teaching and Learning Leads’:
    • cohort one being delivered.
    • cohort two recruited.
  • Funding sourced for the Research taskforce and facilitators programme.
  • Independent review of research activity conducted – identification of next steps (December 2017).
‘Beyond MATs’ group
  • Estelle Morris (BEP) speaking at Learn Sheffield Governance Conference (March).
  • Spring 2017 & Summer 2017 meetings held (both hosted by Birmingham Education Partnership).
  • ‘Beyond MATs’ development planning to inform future direction.
  • Partnership activities with other partners from Beyond MATs identified and under way.
  • 2017/18 meetings and conferences planned – Autumn event held.
Sheffield Education Communication Strategy
  • Media Workshop held – inputs from Sheffield Star editor & Sheffield City Council Communication Director.
  • 2017/18 Sheffield Education Communication Strategy developed.
  • Communication Strategy launched – celebration of Sheffield, Sheffield education organisations and learning opportunities.


‘Research Led Sheffield’ project ‘Beyond MATs’ group Sheffield Education Communication Strategy

‘Research Led Sheffield’ project

April 2017

Learn Sheffield shared a project outline with the TSA Group in January 2017. The outline was based on discussions within the city and with Huntington Research School in York.

The plan has three strands:

  • School Culture – developing ‘Research Leads’ and ‘Teaching and Learning Leads’.
  • System Culture – developing ‘Research Facilitators’ for partnership groups.
  • City Research – a network of research groups to provide the taskforce to lead research enquiries in the city.

‘Beyond MATs’ group

April 2017

‘Beyond MATs’ is the working title for a group of similar organisations who meet to share information, consider system leadership challenges and receive inputs.

The group was convened in the spring term of 2016 by colleagues from the Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP).

It is envisaged that the group will develop to seek to influence national policy debate through engagement with a wide range of system leaders and organisations.

Sheffield Education Communication Strategy

April 2017

Learn Sheffield has developed its communication platforms and established an approach which celebrates Sheffield and its education community. This has included a proactive relationship with local media organisations.