Readiness Priority





What do we want to achieve? How will we know if we have been successful?
Sheffield children and young people have the resilience and support to flourish in the modern world.
  • Mental health data (including Healthy Minds Survey) show strong relative performance and impact of early intervention.
  • Clear pathway information about universal, targeted and specialist support impacts positively on outcomes.
Sheffield to have the fittest children in Britain.
  • Sheffield has active schools and active pupils.
  • Sheffield health data show strong relative outcomes.
Children’s attendance and punctuality are maximised.
  • Absence, persistent absence and punctuality data demonstrate strong relative performance - including vulnerable pupils and schools in challenging circumstances.
Children develop good executive function skills and self-regulation to be ready for school and learning.
  • Audit and analysis show that children in early years consistently experience high quality interactions and enriched learning environments.
  • Early Years outcomes show strong relative achievement and readiness for Sheffield children.
Children and young people are supported through the transitions in their education and into adult life.
  • A city wide strategic approach to transitions enables children and young people to make successful transitions – shown by pupil/parent/school opinion and in-year progress data.
Young people have relevant information and equality of opportunity to meet their own high expectations and aspirations.
  • All young people receive independent and impartial guidance, within a relevant careers framework.
  • Structured experiences of workplaces and further and higher education impact on outcomes.
Every Sheffield young person to make a positive contribution to their community.
  • Every Sheffield child to access age appropriate citizenship programmes throughout their education.
  • Relevant data suggest that Sheffield is more cohesive and engaged that other core cities.

Action Plan

Strategy by July 2017 by December 2017
Move More Strategy
  • Move More month (June 2017).
  • Move More strategic education partnership group established.
  • Move More education strategy developed/launched.
  • Sports Premium collaboration project scoped (Sept 2017).
Healthy Minds / Pupil Wellbeing
  • Healthy Minds workshop held (Jan 2017) and phase two roll out application process completed.
  • Mindfulness Pilot recruited.
  • Healthy Minds training offer developed (June 2017).
  • Healthy Minds phase two schools supported (Autumn 2017) and phase three schools recruited.
  • Mindfulness pilot commenced.
  • Wellbeing pathways & resource material developed (Sept 2017).
Attendance Strategy
  • Data analysis – trends in attendance and punctuality (July 2017).
  • Support LA to write a new Sheffield Attendance Strategy (Sept 2017) and scope delivery (Nov 2017).
Early Years Strategy
  • Review activity relating to Early Years in locality action plans (June).
  • Pupil outcomes analysis (July/Oct) and Ofsted references (July).
  • Strategy group terms of reference and membership agreed (Sept).
  • Strategy draft (December) shared with stakeholders.
Transitions pilot project / Early Risers
  • Audit – School starters, Y2/Y3 transition & Y6/Y7 transition.
  • Transitions Seminar (September) to review current approaches.
  • Transitions Strategy scoped - phase one under way.
Post-16 Strategy
  • Regional strategic developments reviewed – approach confirmed (June/July 2017).
  • Strategy group terms of reference and membership (September).
  • Strategy group – theory of change planning process (October).
Vision for Young People
  • Contribute to the consultation process and drafting of this vision.
  • Poverty Conference (November).
  • Identify actions in the plan for Learn Sheffield to take forward.


Move More Strategy Healthy Minds / Pupil Wellbeing Attendance Strategy Early Years Strategy Transitions pilot project / Early Risers Post-16 Strategy Vision for Young People

Move More Strategy

April 2017

Move More is an established city strategy which was created as part of the legacy to the London Olympics. Learn Sheffield supports the Move More education agenda.

Healthy Minds / Pupil Wellbeing

April 2017

Healthy Minds is a national initiative. Sheffield has developed the CAMHs School Link pilot which is now rolling out to schools. The development of wellbeing pathways and resources, to support schools to support vulnerable young people, was a focus on Priorities Day.

Attendance Strategy

April 2017

An Attendance Conference was held in the autumn term (November 2016). A LA peer review with an attendance focus also reported in 2016.

Early Years Strategy

April 2017

Best Start is an established Sheffield strategy which is focused on pre-school development. The Sheffield Priorities objective relates to the development of skills to support readiness for school and learning.

Transitions pilot project / Early Risers

April 2017

Priorities Day included a presentation and a workshop on the ‘Early Risers’ project.

Post-16 Strategy

April 2017

The development of this strategy incorporates a number of components: progression pathways, place planning, curriculum, careers, etc. This work has been paused to enable participation in wider regional strategic reviews.

Vision for Young People

April 2017

Sheffield’s voluntary and community sector is developing a Vision for Young People. This includes an ‘Education and Employment’ section.