Enrichment Priority





What do we want to achieve? How will we know if we have been successful?
Pupils to have the experiences to enable them to attain well and be ready for the next stage of learning.
  • Analysis of pupil outcomes demonstrate improved outcomes for all learners, including vulnerable learners and pupils with high prior attainment.
  • School outcomes demonstrate consistently positive references to the curriculum offer of schools and colleges.
  • Pupil feedback and data reflect positively on the quality of teaching, the curriculum and learning experiences.
  • A clear set of commitments to every Sheffield child and young person impacts on outcomes.
All Sheffield children and young people experience a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum.
All Sheffield children and young people to benefit from a consistently high quality cultural education offer.
  • Sheffield children actively participate in and experience cultural education, including widening successful completion of formal qualifications.
  • Cultural education impacts on both the attainment and readiness of pupils.
All Sheffield schools and colleges to capitalise on Sheffield as a resource and stimulus for learning.
  • The Sheffield curriculum enhances the civic pride, learning opportunities and achievement of all Sheffield children and young people.
Pupil voice to have a genuine impact on provision.
  • Established and new structures ensure that pupil voice impacts on provision at a school and system level, leading to better strategic decision-making.
Parents, families and communities supported to enhance the learning of children and young people.
  • Collaboration and communication support all schools to develop effective parent and carer partnerships, which impact positively on the achievement of pupils.

Action Plan

Strategy by July 2017 by December 2017
Sheffield Cultural Education Partnership
  • S-CEP booklet (March 2017).
  • Task & Finish groups (Mar-Aug 2017).
  • Governance.
  • Finance.
  • Resources.
  • Communications.
  • Research Collective.
  • Training.
  • Sheffield Cultural Education Partnership (S-CEP) Conference (Sept 2017).
  • S-CEP Plan (2017-2019) finalised and shared.
Sheffield online collection of learning resources
  • Commissioning of purpose built online home for resources.
  • User research to support planning.
  • Design/publishing of initial resource development commissions.
  • Transition to purpose built resource collection with search facility and communication strategy (Sept).
  • First round of commissioned resources added (Autumn 2017).
SACRE development support
  • Primary & Secondary RE Conference (Jan 2017 & Nov 2016).
  • 2016/17 RE CPD offer launched (June 2017).
  • Recruitment of new members from school settings (Autumn 2017).
  • Resource development plan shared (Sept 2017).
Sheffield Priorities working group
  • Support primary PE pledge (Spring 2017).
  • Convene task and finish group to develop proposals/pledge.
  • Task & finish group initial report and proposal (Oct 2017).
  • Proposal consultation (Nov 2017).
Curriculum subject specific strategy development
  • Sheffield Curriculum strategy audit – review of policy and strategic approach within the city linked to data review.
  • Further data review (October).
  • Maths Strategy development in partnership with the Maths Hub.
  • Reading Strategy refresh in partnership with ESCAL.


Sheffield Cultural Education Partnership Sheffield online collection of learning resources SACRE development support Sheffield Priorities working group Curriculum subject specific strategy development

Sheffield Cultural Education Partnership

April 2017

Initial workshops and extensive 1:1 stakeholder meetings with colleagues from both the cultural and education sectors have informed planning. Research into LCEPs (Local Cultural Education Partnerships) has been carried out with CapeUK support and a booklet has been launched to summarise the six months of task and finish groups which lead into a September conference.

Sheffield online collection of learning resources

April 2017

The potential for a Sheffield themed online collection of learning resources has been discussed alongside the development of the LCEP. The development of the resource will be part of the initial Sheffield CEP action plan.

SACRE development support

April 2017

Learn Sheffield support for SACRE has included the development of a website page and the organisation of Primary and Secondary RE conferences.

Sheffield Priorities working group

April 2017

Priorities Day included a workshop to discuss key pledges and commitments that the education community could consider which would support the Sheffield Priorities.

Curriculum subject specific strategy development

April 2017

Learn Sheffield is committed to support school leaders in determining the appropriate curriculum approach for their school. The development of strategies, with key partners, to support will be in this context.