Inclusion Task Force

Inclusion Task Force

Improvement Programme

The Improvement Programme is a support and challenge offer to Sheffield schools which complements the Inclusion Task Force training and guidance & resources offers.

The approach to support and challenge in relation to SEND and Inclusion is consistent with Learn Sheffield wider approach to school improvement. Support and challenge are intrinsically linked as there is little point in providing challenge if it isn’t accompanied by the offer of support.

The range of SEND improvement opportunities below provide options for all schools to engage with improvement activities that support their identified school development priorities. The improvement programme includes both activities that are requested by settings and targeted offers of support informed by concerns or the need for further enquiry.

SEND Reviews SEND Peer Networks Funded Programme SEND Improvement Partners SEND Enquiry SEND Concerns

SEND Reviews

SEND reviews are generally carried out alongside school leaders by the Learn Sheffield Improvement Partners: David Bartram and Nick Whittaker. They are often joined by colleagues from the Inclusion Taskforce or city SENCO teams.

A school can commission a SEND review from Learn Sheffield for a number of reasons including:

  • Raising attainment and progress of pupils with SEND
  • Significant change in the demographic of the SEND population
  • Improving the quality of provision for pupils with SEND
  • Increasing attendance and reducing exclusions for pupils
  • Identifying SEND as an area for development through
  • Wanting a fresh perspective on provision from an
  • A change in leadership and management at the school
  • External validation of a school’s evaluation of its SEND provision.

The review is focused on 7 key areas:

  • Intent
  • Implementation
  • Impact
  • Identification
  • Provision Mapping
  • Working with learners and families
  • Effective use of teaching assistants

Your review will include an on-site visit and a written report with clear recommendations on next steps.