Collaboration Delivers Student Wellbeing Resource

Published: 6 November 2017
A collaboration between Learn Sheffield, Sheffield City Council and a range of statutory and voluntary sector partners has produced the Student Wellbeing Resource. The resource aims to support education professionals in their efforts to support children and young people and overcome the barriers to learning that they face.


A new tool for education professionals, the Student Wellbeing Resource, has been launched this week in Sheffield.


The resource has been developed by Learn Sheffield, Sheffield City Council and a range of statutory and voluntary organisations to support schools to meet the needs of vulnerable pupils.


It provides information about a range of barriers and challenges that children and young people may face, with each section providing an overview of the issues, key information and facts, best practice advice, and links to available resources and local provision. The complete resource and each of the sections can be downloaded from the Learn Sheffield website.  


The project began when officers from Sheffield City Council approached Learn Sheffield to discuss how to improve the access that schools had to information and support from local providers, across a range of different areas. The Student Wellbeing Resource has developed into much more than the directory that was first considered.


"The resource is designed to give professional quick access to an overview of an issue and the key information that they need. Linking this to available resources and local providers means that schools are able to consider the options that are available to support them to support their pupils and families." Stephen Betts (Learn Sheffield)

The final resources has been well received by contributors and schools. It is intended as a complimentary offer to the Healthy Minds framework, which is being rolled out across Sheffield primary and secondary schools in phases. The Sheffield Healthy Minds Framework focuses on developing a positive mental health culture in schools by providing schools with in-reach from Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

The final word goes to Councillor Jackie Drayton, the Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Families. "Supporting Children and Young People’s Emotional Health and Mental Wellbeing is important to us all. This resource is a great example of partnership working at its best and will help schools, colleges and others access useful information, advice and contacts to enable them to help children, young people and families and friends. I’d encourage everyone to go on to the Learn Sheffield website to read it."



Other quotes about the Student Wellbeing Resource:

"This is a welcome and much needed resource for people working with children and young people who might be affected by Domestic Abuse.  Being able to provide early help and to point children in the right direction is essential to minimising the impact witnessing such abuse can have." Christina Tudor (Haven)

"SYEDA is delighted to contribute to this project. Our therapeutic services aim to reduce the increasing prevalence and impact of eating disorders amongst young people. We also deliver training and education to young people and professionals. Whilst this work changes perceptions, raises awareness and builds resilience through body image and self-esteem workshops, this resource helps by providing schools with key information and links to specialist support." Christie Rossiter (South Yorkshire Eating Disorders Association)

"Talkabout provide health and relationships education and we are really proud to be part of this initiative. This is a great resource that will enable schools to be confident in choosing sound providers of the Wellbeing Education that is so important to our children." Emma Holley (Talkabout)

"There are over 7,300 young people providing care to ill or disabled family members in Sheffield, some as young as four or five years of age. Caring can have a huge impact on physical and mental well-being, so we’re really excited that the Sheffield Wellbeing Resource has been launched to help schools help young carers.” Laura Selby (Sheffield Young Carers)

“The Student Wellbeing Resource looks great – it will be so helpful for us at Door43!” Emma (Door 43 – the new emotional wellbeing service for young people aged 13-25)

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