About Learn Sheffield

Infants painting Learn Sheffield is a not for profit schools company which is focussed on school improvement and owned by Sheffield’s schools and colleges (who own 80%) in partnership with Sheffield City Council (who own 20%).

We exist to support and challenge schools and colleges to improve. Our goal, which is set out in the Sheffield Priorities document, is to ensure that Sheffield children receive the best education in the country, so that our young people’s achievement and readiness enables them to be active citizens of a world class city.

Learn Sheffield aims to strengthen city-wide partnership work, both within sectors and between them. We are commissioned to deliver the statutory duties relating to school improvement by Sheffield City Council.

Our purpose is to nurture effective partnerships within an ambitious and effective culture so that, in Sheffield, all of our young people learn with great teachers, in great settings, which are constantly improving.

Learn Sheffield does not distinguish between different types of setting, it is there to support any publicly funded school or college working with Sheffield’s children and young people. As a social enterprise we will re-invest any surplus from our activities back into Sheffield school improvement.

Our History

The decision to form a Schools Company was recommended by a working group, who developed the plans throughout the 2014-15 school year, and taken by Sheffield City Council's Cabinet in July 2015. The working group was a collaboration involving all stakeholders within education in Sheffield, including representatives of Sheffield City Council and the primary, secondary, special and further education sectors. Much of the thinking behind the recommendations made can be found in the document store, which contains some of the project documents.

Learn Sheffield was incorporated on the 14th August 2015 with the founding members listed below. The Interim Board appointed Interim leadership soon after incorporation and Sheffield's Schools Company began work from September 2015. The list of members grew quickly and had exceeded one hundred by the end of the autumn term 2015.

Learn Sheffield founding members: Bradfield School, Chaucer School, Dobcroft Infants, Forge Valley School, Hallam Primary, Hillsborough Primary, King Ecgbert School, Lowfield Primary, Malin Bridge Primary, Meynell Primary, Newfield School, Rowan School, Sheffield College, Southey Green Primary, Tapton School, Tinsley Meadows Primary and Wisewood Primary.

By the early part of Learn Sheffield's second year, in the autumn term of 2016, every Sheffield school and college had chosen to become a member and the first Annual General Meeting / Extra Ordinary General Meeting was held on Tuesday 6 December 2016. At this meeting the first substantive board was elected and the Interim Board resigned. More information about the AGM/EGM can be found on The Board page.

Learn Sheffield’s commission from Sheffield City Council, relating to the statutory duties in relation to school improvement, ran for three years until August 2018. Discussions about the future direction of Learn Sheffield, involving a wide range of stakeholders, began in the summer term of 2017 and continued throughout the 2017-18 school year. The decision to launch a subscription model for schools was well supported and the offer was developed alongside schools through to it being launch in March 2018.

A peer review, led by Christine Gilbert alongside colleagues form Birmingham Education Partnership and Camden Learning, in the summer of 2018 provided an excellent analysis of the position of the Learn Sheffield project at the end of our third year. It sets out both the strengths of our work so far and makes recommendations for the next phase of Learn Sheffield.