Create Sheffield: Adventures in Cultural Education
(Sheffield’s Local Cultural Education Partnership)

Sheffield is one of the first wave of cities that are launching a Cultural Education Partnership (CEP). This is part of an initiative by Arts Council England, led by CapeUK (as the Arts Council Bridge Organisation in Yorkshire and the Humber), to develop sustainable high quality cultural education.

The Sheffield CEP will work with schools, the local authority, voluntary and community organisations, arts and cultural organisations, further and higher education, music education hubs and funders to drive a joined-up local arts and cultural offer. The S-CEP will facilitate the sharing of resources and knowledge in order to ensure a more coherent and visible delivery of cultural education for children & young people in Sheffield.

In Sheffield, Learn Sheffield and the Culture Consortium have joined forces with CapeUK to kick-start this exciting opportunity.

Create Sheffield was launched at the Crucible Theatre on Friday 2 February 2018 – come back to this page soon for the post-conference pack and more from the day!

What's happened so far? S-CEP Action Plan Documents

What’s happened so far?

Our initial development meeting at Learn Sheffield on 9th September 2016 saw strong representation from across all sectors. As well as identifying the successes of Sheffield's current offer, we also discussed challenges and gaps in provision. The presentations from the workshop are below.

Since September, there have been follow up events for school leaders (as part of the Sheffield Priorities Day on 10th October), a meeting with the Cultural Consortium and a staggering number of 1:1 meetings with a very wide range of stakeholders. These discussions, which continue, are supporting the discussion about how the S-CEP could work and what its priorities should be.

A focus group has taken forward this work and will lead the next workshop event – see below. Our plan is that this small focus group will expand to become a Development Steering Group: a task and finish group that will offer governance to the S-CEP through the initial consultation phase. We hope to launch the SCEP formally early in 2017 with a six-month action plan. By the end of this phase the S-CEP will have a more formal governance structure and a well-informed longer term action plan.

Inclusion sits at the heart of the CEP. We want to promote the idea that all children & young people should be able to access quality cultural opportunities without restriction or limitation of any kind. We want the young people in our city to feel they belong, are engaged and connected.

S-CEP Workshop

An open workshop was held to determine the structure, objectives and action plan of the Sheffield Cultural Education Partnership is. It was held on 17th January 2017, at Learn Sheffield Training and Development Hub. An article relating to the workshop was published and can be found below.

S-CEP Action Plan (Feb-July 2017)

1. Draft the S-CEP Partnership Agreement - hold a consultation
Vision, Aims & Objectives Governance Structure Roles & Responsibilities Memorandum of Understanding
2. Write the Finance Strategy 3. Set up a Research Collective
Identify & secure initial investment S-CEP Financial Plan Identify initial questions Identify resources and complete first phase
4. Sheffield 'Online Resource' Development 5. Training Offer 6. Write TOC
Collect resources on the current website Develop the new full site Develop an initial training offer Complete a Theory of Change document
7. Develop a Communication Strategy 8. Transition
Develop Branding PR Strategy to build recognition Partner Engagement July 17 - Dec 18
Action Plan


S-CEP Newsletters

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Sheffield CEP

Workshop Agenda - Tues 17 Jan 2017
Workshop (September 2016) Learn Sheffield presentation
Workshop (September 2016) Sophie Hunter presentation
Workshop (September 2016) Cape UK LCEP presentation

General Reading

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