Wellbeing App Pilot Commission (Ends 25th May)

Published: 10 May 2018
The pilot will involve 10 schools (6 primary, 3 secondary and 1 special) who will work collaboratively to develop and make bespoke the app ‘Fit2teach’ for the pilot schools.

Representatives from the schools will initially meet with the developers to consider the current evaluation of teacher workload through the app and to propose modifications to the current set of questions.  In addition the ‘working group’ will make decisions on how the data is presented to schools and individual users.

Learn Sheffield is committed to supporting the recruitment, development and retention of high quality teachers, school staff, leaders and governance. We recognise that the quality of the wellbeing and development opportunities that are available to our education professionals plays a crucial role in achieving the continued and sustained improvement in performance that we wish to see in our city.

Learn Sheffield is convening a Wellbeing and Development Advisory Group, which will be led by Bob Sawyer, to take forward this work. We believe that the Advisory Group can support the school improvement agenda by providing guidance, signposting and resources to Sheffield schools and academies to enhance the quality of the wellbeing and development opportunities that are available to their education professionals.

As part of this work we have been in discussions with the designers of the ‘Fit2Teach’ app, which is currently being used widely across the UK. We would like a pilot group of schools to work with the designers to develop the app to become a tool that enables school leaders to audit the impact of school policy on the personal and professional wellbeing of staff.

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