Sheffield Heritage Open Days (Sept 7-10) 2017

Published: 3 September 2017
Sheffield Heritage Open Days has grown amazingly this year. There will be 120 free events in Sheffield - download the PDF and share with your school community. The organisers have sent us three things to tell Sheffield schools!


Sheffield Heritage Open Days will take place from September 7-10th with 120 free events in Sheffield. There is a free paper brochure at the Tourist Information Office but you can download the pdf here:


Three quick messages for schools from the organisers:

  • there are free events happening all over the city-- Burngreave, Atterliffe, Norton, Stannington, Upperthorpe, Madina Mosque etc etc-- so it could be of interest to many of your schools as well as each school community!
  • 5 Volunteer-led local libraries have joined in and schools may like to visit them... Broomhill, Walkley, Upperthorpe, Ecclesfield and Stannington!
  • Regather are hosting an evening by Andy Platt, who is a retiring primary headteacher. He and friends have an Arts Council grant to develop their musical about Nicholas Saunderson. Born to an ordinary family in 1682 in Thurlstone and blinded by smallpox aged one, he became the Lucasian Professor of Maths (the same title that is now held by Stephen Hawking no less!)  It's an inspirational story in so many ways--and he became a maths Professor of great repute. It's a story known to everyone in Penistone but not in Sheffield. We thought some of our Sheffield teachers (maths, music or just fascinated) might like to go to this free evening and get to know about Nicholas Saunderson. Here is the link :




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