Principles of an Effective Curriculum

Published: 28 September 2018
Principles of an Effective Curriculum is the first in a series of sessions from the Primary Improvement Team to address our primary priorities. It will be held on Tuesday 27 November 2018 (half day) at Learn Sheffield.

The Primary Improvement Team have identified the curriculum as one of four primary priorities for this school year (the others are phonics & early reading, mastery mathematics and the new Ofsted framework in September 2019).  Each of these priorities will have a launch event and details of this first one are below.  These session will be free to access for schools that have subscribed to the Learn Sheffield offer (the cost to non-subscribed schools will be £95 per place).   


Senior leaders are invited to a launch event on Tuesday 27 November 2018 which will focus on City Priority 1 – Principles of an effective curriculum.


This half day launch event will be run twice on the same day.


The event will provide the opportunity to work together to explore such issues as:

·          Developing a curriculum that is right for the children in your school

·          Gaining a greater understanding of recent messages about the curriculum

·          Taking the lid off learning

·          Different approaches to organising the curriculum

·          Reviewing curriculum leadership

·          Setting up working groups with other schools with similar approaches/priorities


To book on the training please use the links below:


Tuesday 27 November 2018, 9.00-12.30pm


Tuesday 27 November 2018, 1.00–4.30pm


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