New Stonewall Guide for Secondary Schools

Published: 5 February 2018
A guide for secondary schools, from Stonewall, has become available. It supports schools in developing an LGBT-inclusive curriculum, which will reflect the diversity of pupils' lives and experiences in modern Britain.

Stonewall's new guide argues that an LGBT-inclusive curriculum will make pupils much more likely to engage with their learning and performance. It responds to feedback from pupils that LGBT people and themes are absent from their current curriculum which has been found to have a negative impact upon them.

The guide states that "When a curriculum reflects the diversity of the world that we live in, including LGBT people, all pupils can be supported to develop inclusive and accepting attitudes towards those who are different to them, and feel proud of the things that make them different themselves."

This guide follows on from the 2017 School Report which found that more than two in five LGBT pupils (43 per cent) don't feel part of their community. Stonewall hope that this guide can have a positive impact on LGBT Pupils by ensuring that LGBT pupils do not continue to feel isolated and unsupported.

View the full guide here.

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