Governance Briefings

Learn Sheffield has included regular Governance Briefings in its training offer. All Sheffield schools can attend briefings, not just the ones who have subscribed to the training subscription offer. Colleagues can book a place at a briefing by visiting the training offer page and selecting 'Governance Briefings'.

Autumn 1 — 2017

Governance Conference

Governance Conference 2017

'Governance Stocktake'
Saturday 3rd March 2018, 9.30-12.30pm

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Governance Briefing Flyer Autumn Term 1 Governance Briefing Flyer (12.10.17)
Autumn Term Governance Briefing Presentation (12.10.17) NEYH Regional Briefing Powerpoint October 2017

Summer Term — 2017

Summer Term Governance Briefing Presentation (14.06.17)

Spring Term — 2017

Spring Term Governance Briefing Presentation (05.04.17)

Autumn Term — 2016

Data & Performance (08.11.16)
Learn Sheffield Governance Briefing (08.11.16)

Summer Governor Briefing (22-06-16)

Briefing/AGM Agenda
Learn Sheffield Update
DfE Presentation on the White Paper - Alison Biddulph
Additional information from Alison Biddulph
Inclusion Update - Stuart Williams

Spring Governor Briefing (04-02-16)

Governor Briefing Presentation
Collated feedback - school improvement strategy and city priorities
Q&A - answers to the questions on the question wall

Governance Documents

The Competency Framework for Governance (DfE - December 2016)
The Governance Professionals' Competency Framework (DfE - December 2016)